Learning Through the Arts

Grade 6/7 English: Arts Integration Program


What is the Learning Through the Arts (LTA) program?

The Learning Through the Arts (LTA) program will give students the opportunity to enhance their learning of subject areas and to develop skills by using the modalities of the arts on a regular basis. The curriculum of the Northwest Territories is at the heart of this program. In this class, we will focus on the core outcomes of Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Religion, and Health. In addition to the LTA program, students will have the opportunity to take part in Options for each term. They will also attend a separate Math & Core French class. Students will be challenged to use the arts as a means of understanding the world. They will be given opportunities to learn, present information and experience concepts in multiple ways. The emphasis in this class will be on the process, rather than the product. Learning processes will focus on inquiry, exploration, experimentation, and reflection. In the LTA class, you will see students engaged in role-play as they explore concepts, create hypotheses and explore critical challenges. Students will be involved in hands-on expressions of concepts using multiple media, as they demonstrate their learning. Exploring the curriculum through the arts adds a layer of complexity to the learning of core subjects. It is highly engaging and requires the learner to be an active participant and take ownership of their learning.


Key Characteristics and Outcomes of the Program

  • Follows the GNWT programs of study and curriculum with the addition of integration of the art strands
  • Learning comes from the process as well as the product
  • Students represent their knowledge and understanding through the multiple perspectives found throughout the arts
  • Competencies in creativity and innovation; critical thinking, problem-solving and decision making; life-long learning and personal management; collaborative leadership; social, cultural and global responsibility
  • Creates a sense of belonging and appreciation for the arts within our school and local community


Student Suitability

To determine if the Learning Through the Arts (LTA) program may be for you, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you thrive on project-based learning (PBL)?

  2. Are you an independent learner?

  3. Do you have a passion for the Arts (drama, dance, visual art, literature, music)?

  4. Can you work in a fast paced environment?

  5. Are you a creative thinker?

  6. Do you possess the willingness to communicate ideas and understandings in multiple forms?

  7. Can you collaborate well with others?

  8. Are you an active participant?