Trustee Vacancy

Trustee Vacancy


There is currently a vacancy on the Board of Trustees for Yellowknife Catholic Schools. The current term for this position will expire on the first Monday of November 2018. If you are interested in maintaining a strong Catholic faith-based education system for the children of our community, are prepared to contribute approximately ten (10) hours per month for this important and fulfilling public service, and would like to become a Catholic School Trustee, you are encouraged to submit a letter of application to the Board no later than 4:00 pm, local time,Friday, September 9, 2016 for consideration.

Your letter of application should highlight your experience and attributes as they relate to Catholic School education, Trusteeship and policy governance. Also to be included in your application are letters of reference from at least two separate parish, school administration or community members.

Your letter of application should be hand-delivered to: Chairperson, Yellowknife Catholic Schools, 5124 – 49th Street

Your envelope shall be sealed and clearly marked CONFIDENTIAL.

You are eligible to apply for this Trustee position if you are:

  1. a Canadian citizen;
  2. 18 years of age or older
  3. a resident of the City of Yellowknife for at least twelve consecutive months on or prior to September 28, 2016